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Three Ways Getting Organized Can Improve Your Health

A New Year means a fresh set of New Year’s goals, as well as a round of resolutions you may have made for what you wish to accomplish in 2023. Not to mention, the start of the year is a fantastic time a declutter and get organized. That’s why it's no coincidence that January is Get Organized Month, also known as GO Month.

With health at the forefront of everyone’s mind this time of year, it's appropriate to understand the health benefits of getting organized. This month, why not rethink your own home organization, keeping these benefits in mind?

Here’s how getting organized can improve your health:

1) Relieve Stress: Endless clutter can often be a source of stress in your life. With so many external stressors in the world right now, negative feelings can pile up and create emotional turmoil. Getting organized could help lift a weight off your shoulders. By letting go of what you no longer use, you can gain a clear — less stressful — outlook on your home and your life.

2) Increase Productivity: Disorganization can often make you feel unmotivated and unproductive. Clutter can stunt productivity at home and at work. Clearing out what you no longer need can give you the energy to focus on what’s important. If one of your resolutions involves getting back on track, then decluttering and organizing can be a great place to start.

3) Stay Present: Even if you don't realize it, clutter in your life can cause distractions. As you move through the new year, take a look each day at the things around your home that you really use. When you allow yourself some time for reflection on what you need — or don’t need — you’ll see what you can remove. Letting go of past clutter can help you stay present and set clear intentions for the future.

Once you’re organized, you’ll be in a perfect position to donate what you no longer need to Goodwill. Those items will then be sold to help fund job training and career services for those who are also looking to improve their lives. Not only will your efforts help you be better organized, less stressed and more productive, but they’ll also help someone else in your community do the same.

A little effort can go a long way. Spending just a few minutes each day to get organized will help make your life healthier and happier! January is the perfect month to make it happen. Wishing you a positive, productive and healthy 2023.

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