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five tips for back-to-school shopping at Goodwill

It can be a little overwhelming picking out back-to-school supplies. Parents want their children to look and feel they're best. Teachers want to create a comfortable and fun learning environment. And kids want to get in on the fun!

Back-to-school shopping can take time, and it can be expensive. That's where Goodwill comes in.

To make your back-to-school shopping experience easier, here are five tips for back-to-school shopping at Goodwill.

1. Start with What Your Child Loves the Most

Does your child have a favorite color? Are they on the hunt for a pair of cool Adidas shoes? Is there a character they can't get enough of right now, like Hello Kitty or Ironman?

You might be surprised how many of your child's favorites are at Goodwill. Starting with a color, brand or character will help make your shopping experience easier.

2. Don't Skip the Small Stuff

Goodwill has a great selection of school supplies. Not just for students but also for teachers. Binders, crayons, notebooks, stamps, erasers...the list goes on and on! While you might have requirements for colors and quantities for some items, Goodwill is a great place to save when you have a little room for creativity in your list. Who wouldn't like to save on back-to-school shopping!

School supplies lasts for a good while. When it isn't used or mistreated, it becomes treasure for your little or grown ones. Bonus!

3. Save Big on Accessories

Besides your basic clothes, supplies, and shoes for back-to-school, customers would be surprised with the variety of belts, hats, and water bottles that make the sales floor every day! These hot Texas summers will have your kids needing to stay hydrated, and Goodwill always has a variety of brands, colors and sizes of water bottles for kids.

4. Shop Out-of-Season

While it may seem like there's no end in sight to summer right now, those crisp fall days and football Friday nights will be here before you know it. Not to mention, the Farmer's Almanac predicts a colder-than-usual winter for us folks in West Texas.

Goodwill sells sweaters, jackets and other cold-weather clothing year-round. It's never too early to save on those items before they're in high demand again!

5. Don't Forget to Express Yourself

Teenagers and college students normally like to pick out their own back-to-school style. We always hope customers' shopping experience is fun. So, keep an eye out for clothes that stand out. Play with different tops and style them with different pairs of jeans. You never know when you might come across something wonderful, and watch how quickly you can become a trendsetter.


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