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Meet Brenda | Employee spotlight

When Brenda learned she was going to be a grandmother she knew it was time to make some big changes in her life.

She needed a fresh start - to leave behind her hometown, its negative influences, and life as she knew it, which included her battle with addiction. Determined, Brenda packed her bags and moved to Brady where she could be close to her daughter and watch her granddaughter grow up.

“I never dreamed that I could take care of myself and have my own place,” Brenda said.

Brenda’s battle with addiction and its accompanying legal troubles made finding a job challenging. Her daughter encouraged her to apply at Goodwill.

That, Brenda said, made all the difference.

Not only did she find an accepting workplace where she could be open and honest about her challenges, but she also felt supported by her manager and co-workers.

“If a person really wants to change their life, they need to seek out Goodwill and all the opportunities and support they can get,” Brenda said.

After six years, Brenda has become an invaluable member of the Goodwill Brady team.

“Brenda puts 100 percent into her work every day,” Brady Store Manager Carleen Loeffler shared. “She is always willing to go the extra mile.”

Thank you, Brenda, for sharing your story and for being a valuable member of the Goodwill West Texas team!

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