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Meet Margaret | Employee Spotlight

Coming out of incarceration, Margaret faced significant hurdles in securing employment due to her background and age. 

“When I got out, I was in a totally different world,” Margaret said. “I was untrained and unprepared for a job.” 


However, fate led her to Abilene, where a supportive community provided her with transitional housing and guidance. It was there that Margaret discovered the Goodwill West Texas Career Center, a beacon of hope in her journey toward employment. 

“As I was adjusting to my new world," Margaret said, "I visited the Career Center for their services." 

Despite the barriers of age and a complicated history, Margaret refused to give up. With the help of the Career Center, she embarked on a transformative journey that eventually led her to a position within Goodwill West Texas itself.

Since October, Margaret has been a valuable member of the Goodwill team, acquiring numerous skills, including proficiency in new technologies previously inaccessible to her during her time away. 

“My confidence is coming back,” Margaret said. "I cannot begin to tell you how much Goodwill has done for me.”

In the future, Margaret aspires to relocate to Dallas with her family and potentially transfer to a Goodwill branch in that area. 

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