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Meet Chris | Employee spotlight

Chris struggled in the past finding a job that he enjoyed. Little did he know, visiting the Abilene Goodwill Career Center would lead him to a career that he loves.

Working for Goodwill the past two years has changed Chris’s outlook on life, all around. He has developed a strong work ethic and enjoys finding ways to help others.

“It’s not just going to work,” Chris said. “It’s my second home.”

Goodwill has made it possible for him to do good for his community and for his team. He enjoys finding ways to help other employees when they need a hand.

“It’s a joy to see people happy,” Chris said. “That’s why I work at Goodwill.”

Chris has not only developed meaningful relationships at Goodwill, but he has also learned to move out of his comfort zone to be himself at work. His boss, Ray, has helped him learn new jobs as a production worker.

“He let me expand my horizons,” Chris said. “I ended up blooming.”

Chris’s daily motivation is his family and his eagerness to learn and grow in the workplace. He hopes that his strong worth ethic will eventually help him work his way to a supervisor position in the future.

“My main goal right now is to get better at everything I can,” Chris said.

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