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Meet Alaina | Employee Spotlight

Alaina, a single mom to two amazing girls, whose journey embodies the spirit of overcoming adversity and embracing opportunity. 

Before her path led her to Goodwill, Alaina faced tough times. She knows the sting of losing a job and the uncertainty of not having a place to call home. But in the midst of it all, the Big Spring community pointed her towards Goodwill, and that's where her story took a turn for the better. 

Thinking back to the day she got hired, Alaina's face lights up.  

“You should have been with me the day I got this position,” Alaina said. “Everything just fell in place.” 

With determination and grit, Alaina started as a cashier, transitioning to the production team and tackling every challenge that came her way. And boy, did her hard work pay off! Just this month, she got promoted to a lead position and even bought her own car. Now, she's on a mission to find a place of her own for her and her girls.  

“You have to crawl before you walk,” Alaina said. 

But it's not just about the victories at work for Alaina. It's the people that make Goodwill feel like home.  

“I feel like it’s a family here,” Alaina said. “We are a team, and we work together.” 

As for her future, Alaina's got big plans. She sees herself right here at Goodwill, making a difference and building a career that she loves.  

“It just feels like this is where I am supposed to be,” Alaina said. 

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