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These Spring Décor Trends Will Brighten Your Day

By Felicia Czochanski

There’s a special brightness that comes along as the seasons start to shift. Thoughts of spring often bring up more sunshine, fresh air, and even a more positive outlook. As we approach the kickoff of the new season, there’s no better way to prepare than to consider a design refresh to bring new spring trends into your home.

Home décor thrifting is one of the joys in life for so many second-hand shoppers. Just take a look at the @goodwilltinl account to see for yourself! There is so much creative inspiration for shoppers, and it doesn’t hurt to know that shopping at Goodwill is a great way to be more sustainable. Furniture and home décor are some of the most curbed items because of their size and seasonality. By donating instead of dumping and shopping second-hand versus in retail stores, you’ll be supporting Goodwill’s mission to divert usable goods from landfills and give them a second life.

There’s nothing better than giving new life to a well-loved, affordable item that’s a perfect find and fit for your home vibe. Check out the spring décor inspiration below from other Goodwill shoppers!

Photo: @papillonbohemehome

1. You Don’t Need To Live in Paradise to LIVE in Paradise

There is nothing more special than carving out your own living space and designing it in a way that you know will bring joy to your life every day. This thrifty shopper and amateur interior decorator took this to the next level by creating her own tropical oasis-themed bedroom. I mean, how incredible is this! Think about how you can leverage different textures and even plants to create the light and bright space of your dreams.

Photo: @kellmarcel

2. Every Day Can Be A Disco

Disco balls are back! Make your work from home set up a party from day to night with bright pops of color and a little bit of shine. This look brings together some of the hottest colors of the spring season, pinks and greens, while creating a happy place space that won’t fail to make you smile, even during the most stressful of days.

Photo: @itskatiehale

3. Vintage Art Adds Character

Your décor style says a lot about you, but sometimes it can be hard to find the right accent pieces that do just that. If contemporary art prints just aren’t doing it for you when it comes to expressing yourself through a cohesive living space, think about taking a trip to Goodwill for inspiration and one-of-a-kind finds. These awesome frames and antique art were found by a thrift shopper at her local Goodwill store. Retail prices of frames right now are incredibly high due to manufacturing shortages, which adds another great reason why you should think about shopping second-hand for home décor that matches your vibe and costs a fraction of the price.

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